Unique Features of Takshila VLSI

Course delivered by Experts

Experts in the industry teach our various courses to students. At Takshila, our experts share their experience and help build the career of our students in the VLSI industry. You have the opportunity of carrying out practical applications and examples.

100% placement support 

 Our main goal is to help engineers build a successful career in the VLSI industry. Not only we do train you, but we also coach you in order to become a best Chip Designer. Our training process allows students to learn even complex technologies within a short time space and transforming them into professionals in no time.

Superior Training infrastructure and Methodology

 Industry experts carefully designed the training program based on the career growth and job opportunities available in the VLSI industry. We use an unique training methodology for our students with 70% of the course time allocated to the labs, mini-projects, and the final projects. However, the other 30% is allocated to imparting the technologies to our student.

Value for Money

We teach you all advanced courses at a reasonable cost. We offer you more for less.


Why you need to enroll with Takshila Academy

VLSI Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Takshila is a VLSI training institute with placement opportunities for graduate students. At Takshila chip design training institute, we offer an extensive training programs with an elaborate course curriculum on VLSI. Our training programs cover from the design stage to the final stage of verification. Our students enjoy the first-hand experience in VLSI design and implementation. They also enjoy the privilege of meeting top tier company executives. This will help improve their efficiency and efficacy in the field of VLSI.

Takshila is a low cost VLSI training institute. Takshila offers 6 months of intensive training on VLSI and other related fields. All trainers at Takshila have over 12 years’ experience in the VLSI industry processes. We deliver industry standard VLSI training. Takshila has a very conducive environment for learning and flexible


At Takshila, you will be trained on 100% job oriented VLSI courses. VLSI design courses are designed to give students extensive knowledge on Physical design training / PD Training, STA, DFT trainingPhysical Verification, ASIC verification training, RTL Design training, RTL Verification training, Verilog / VHDL, SystemVerilog (SV) training, UVM training, Functional Verification, Formal Verification, Synthesis, Analog layout design, IO layout design, Memory layout, Analog circuit design training. At Takshila we train you to be abreast with current industry standards and trends. We train our students on the leading technologies to become better professionals in their field of studies.

Takshila VLSI coaching centers are also equipped to offer:

  • VLSI training for freshers
  • Online VLSI courses
  • VLSI training with placement

Placement Program

At Takshila VLSI training institute, we go beyond providing VLSI design and Verification courses. Takshila is the best VLSI design training institute with placement opportunity, support for our VLSI graduate students. We collaborate with top tier companies to provide our qualified students placement advantages. Depending on your performance, some students enjoy more opportunity than others.
Takshila is well positioned to become the target on international VSLI industries in the future. As part of Takshila institute placement program, we provide challenging job oriented VLSI training. This is done through core VLSI job training and a series of mock interviews.


Takshila academy offers flexible programs for Masters students and those interested in online courses. At Takshila academy, we collaborate with colleges to provide awareness programs for students. These programs are designed to equip them with the needed knowledge to make career choices in the VLSI industry. We understand the difficulty some students face in making a career choice. We also organize Awareness programs for individuals who are interested in taking their career to the next level.

Top Qualities That Make the Takshila VLSI Institute One of the Best

At the Takshila VLSI training institute, we are proud to say that we are definitely among the best in the world. This is as we are proud to tell that a crucial aspect of our training is delivering highest-quality coaching – and not just teaching – to our students. Our students are imparted with the best possible hands-on and project-based training they can get. When our students graduate, they leave with all the necessary skills that are required to take on any role that might be required of them by the industry. Check out the following features that put us atop a better part of the industry.

Job Oriented VLSI Courses

As a full VLSI institute, we offer fully job oriented VLSI training programs that are quite extensive and feature a VLSI course curriculum that is quite extensive. Our training packages cover right from design stages up to the final verification stage. Our institute offers job oriented VLSI and backend courses to help our students in securing their place in the VLSI market after they graduate. Our students undergo the best possible hands-on VLSI training from the foremost experts who feature more than twelve years’ experience in the industry.

VLSI Training for FreshersAt Takshila, it does not matter whether you have a little experience or are just hearing about VLSI for the first time. We offer training to students with all levels of experience including those who are complete freshers. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will receive extensive VLSI training with placement at the end of your studies.

VLSI Training Institutes with Placement

We run a group of some of the foremost VLSI institutes in varying locations across the whole world. We run some of the best VLSI institutes with placement opportunities in some of the best cities after you graduate. All of these institutes are 100% placement VLSI institutes so you can be rest assured that you will get a placement position after your studies. The major goal of our placement program is to help upcoming engineers to build the best and most rewarding career they can in the VLSI industry. Apart from training you diligently in some of the best VLSI training institutes around, we also coach you to become the best chip designer that you can be. Our training process enables you to learn even the most complicated technologies within a very short time and then be transformed into a professional within no time at all. That is the key point of our placement program.

The Best Institutes in the Best Locations

We run some of the best VLSI institutes in some of the best possible locations around the world. Just check out our roll call: we have;

  • The best VLSI training institutes in Bangalore.
  • The best VLSI training institutes in Hyderabad.
  • The best VLSI training institutes in Marathahalli.
  • The best VLSI course you can ever get anywhere around the whole world.

Chip Design Training Institutes

Like has been mentioned, one of our major goals is to help our students to become the very best chip designers that they can ever be. Our process of training students in the design of chips enables them to learn even the most complicated of technologies within a truly short period. This is a core VLSI training that helps in ensuring that they are transformed into professionals within no time at all.

Industry Standard VLSI Training

Even though they offer the best training that meets the highest possible standards set by the industry, our institutes still qualify to be called the low cost VLSI training institutes of the entire industry. They could be called great VLSI coaching centers because what they offer is significantly beyond teaching. These institutes offer full time VLSI training, part time VLSI training, as well as quality online VLSI courses in varying categories and subject areas. We offer all of these pieces of training using the most superior training methodology as well as infrastructure. Our training programs are carefully designed by the foremost industry experts according to the job and career growth opportunities that are presently available in the industry.

We Are Among the Top 10

We are among the top 10 VLSI training institutes you will find in the world. This is because we deliver real value for your money (in fact even significantly more than your money’s worth) by offering all advanced VLSI courses, including VLSI backend courses, at costs that are quite reasonable. We offer you a lot more for a lot less. This is because, despite the reasonable costs of our varying courses, they are taught to our students by the foremost experts of the entire industry from around the whole world. At Takshila, our experienced industry gurus share their experience with our students, and they help our students to build their promising careers in the VLSI industry. As a student, you are allowed to carry out practical examples and applications. These are only some of the reasons why we are among the topmost ten of the entire industry. 

In conclusion, there is a wide range of amazing reasons why you should make sure that you enroll with the Takshila VLSI institute. We offer placement opportunities to all of our students after they graduate, our chip design institute offers truly extensive programs that feature truly elaborate VLSI curriculums, and our training programs cover every single thing right from the design stage up to the final stage of verification. Our students are given real first-hand experience of what VLSI design and implementation are all about. And, we offer these at truly affordable and reasonable rates so, why don’t you enroll with us?


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